Athletics & Activities


I am extremely excited for the 2017-2018 school year. Last year was a competitive year for Windom Eagle Activities with State Tournament participants and a State Champion in Speech. More importantly the students and activity participants of Windom Area Schools represented Windom with honor and respect. As the Activities Director at Windom Area Schools we will continue to build and improve what it means to be a Windom Eagle.

The new school year will bring some major changes in the Activities Department. Athletic participation fees have drastically changed. Student/Athletes in grades 7-9 will no longer need to pay the activity participation fee of $60. Student/Athletes in grades 10-12 will now pay $10 to participate in activities rather than $90. The other major change for 17-18 school year is that Windom Area School Students K-12 will be able to attend athletic events for FREE. No need to pay $4 at the door or purchase a student activity pass. In order to prove you are a Windom student it will be important to carry your Student ID if you are in grades 6-12. Students attending games in grades K-5 must be accompanied by an adult. This will be a work in progress for August and September as students won't have their brand new Student ID until October. We have contacted Lifetouch to make sure students in grades 4-12 will receive a Student ID with school pictures.

At Windom Area Schools we believe in Eagle Pride, which in turn leads to a positive school culture. When we take pride in being an Eagle it leads to being responsible and respectful. As an employee of Windom Schools and proud member of the Windom Community I will work tirelessly to foster a climate of positive communication that promotes success for all students as respectful and responsible Windom Eagles. I have an open door policy, as our department exist to serve, lead and manage issues that pertain to making a memorable student experience for all.

We look forward to a quality experience for all students, parents, spectators and officials for the upcoming year.

Best Wishes,

Dane Nielsen

Windom Area Schools

Activities Director

507-831-6910 ext. 303